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2019 U.S. International Circuit Board and Electronic Assembly Technology Exhibition

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The exhibition is sponsored by the famous IPC (Institute of Printed Circuits)-Association Connecting Electronics Industries and is held every year. It is an authoritative and large-scale professional exhibition of circuit board and electronic assembly technology in the United States and North America, and has a large international influence.


The scope of the exhibition includes: electronic assembly equipment and materials, electronic assembly equipment, PCB chemicals and materials, electronic manufacturing services and contract assembly, hand tools and soldering stations, stencil printing equipment, printed electronic products, REACH/ROHS compliance services, automatic testing Equipment, cleaning equipment and supplies, parts, connectors, fixtures, component pre-processing and placement equipment, photovoltaic and solar products, software (CAD, CAM, MES, etc.), testing and inspection systems, electronic production line equipment and accessories, wiring Board product application, circuit board, package carrier board (BGA/CSP/flip chip), circuit board equipment, inner and outer layer processes, electroplating, routing equipment, electronic packaging equipment, etc.

More than 500 companies from all over the world that provide equipment, materials, services and software for the design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards and electronic assembly, manufacturing and testing participated in the exhibition. 50,000 professional visitors visited the exhibition. The world's leading circuit board manufacturers, electronics manufacturing companies, original equipment manufacturers, material and equipment service providers, and distributors all participated in the exhibition


Shanghai Leenol Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional anti-static system engineering enterprise integrating design, research and development, production, sales and installation. The company has products which are closely related to the electronics industry, providing professional anti-static solutions for electronic equipment and circuit boards and other electronic components. Leenol brought new products to the exhibition, showing the latest technological achievements such as the latest protective equipment in the anti-static industry in Asia, and praising this industry's advanced strength.


ESD PCB magazine rack, SMT Reel storage Box, esd box, esd pcb trolley, and other esd packing materia

Leenol with series of latest R&D and upgrading products, such as ESD PCB magazine rack, SMT Reel storage Box, esd box, esd pcb trolley, and other esd packaging material. Our products are made in accordance with IEC61340-5-1 and ANSI/ ESD-20.20, and are strictly produced according to IS09001 system, SGS and ROHS standards. 


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