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ESD Fabric
Anti-static cloth is made of Anti-static fabric. When grounded, the static electricity on the fabric is neutralized by the corona discharge of the conductive fiber, and can also be discharged to the ground through the conductive fiber; when it is not grounded, it is dissipated by the weak corona discharge of the conductive fiber.
ESD Clothes
Anti-static clothing is made of special anti-static clean fabric. It has the characteristics of high-efficiency and permanent anti-static and dust-proof performance, thin and smooth, and clear texture.
Sticky Mat
The sticky mat is compounded by the latest technology. 
The environmentally friendly pressure-sensitive water glue can make the entire surface of each layer of the sticky mat have uniform adhesion. No glue drop, odorless and non-toxic.
Cleanroom Cloth wipe
The dust-free cloth, also known as the dust-free wiping cloth, is made of 100% polyester fiber double woven. The surface is soft and easy to wipe sensitive surfaces. It does not shed fibers when rubbed. It has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency.
LEENOL is an "ESD TOTAL SOLUTION" company to fulfill ESD requirements for factories and labs. LEENOL's product range covers LeeRackTM Handling Storage ESD Equipments, LeePakTM Packing Material, LeeBenchTM Factory and Lab Furniture.


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