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Sticky Mats of LEENOL
Shanghai Leenol presents our high-performance Sticky Mats, designed to enhance cleanroom cleanliness. With advanced adhesive technology, our Sticky Mats effectively capture and retain particles for a spotless environment.
Experience versatility with our Multi-purpose Sticky Mats, perfect for cleanrooms, workshops, and labs. They trap dust and debris, ensuring cleanliness across various applications.
Our Portable Sticky Mats provide convenient dust control. Lightweight and portable, they keep your workspace clean wherever you are.
Add vibrance with our Colorful Sticky Mats. Available in various colors, they maintain cleanliness while enhancing the visual appeal of your cleanroom.
Count on LEENOL for superior quality Sticky Mats. With our commitment to excellence and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we deliver reliable solutions for cleanroom environments.
Choose LEENOL for uncompromised cleanliness and effective dust control. Experience the difference our Sticky Mats make in maintaining a pristine working environment.
Featured Sticky Mats

30-layer Sticky Mat

Experience maximum dust and particle capture with our 30-layer Sticky Mat, ensuring superior cleanliness in critical environments.

Colorful Sticky Mat

Infuse vibrance into your workspace with our Colorful Sticky Mat, available in a range of eye-catching hues while maintaining excellent cleanliness.

Large Sticky Mat

Cover more surface area with our Large Sticky Mat, providing comprehensive dust control and contamination prevention for larger spaces.

Transparent Sticky Mat

Enjoy discreet cleanliness with our Transparent Sticky Mat, blending seamlessly into any environment while effectively capturing dust and debris.
Eco-friendly Convenience Sticky Mat
Introducing the Eco-friendly Convenience Sticky Mat: Elevate Your Cleanliness Routine

High Cleanliness

Experience the next level of cleanliness with our Eco-friendly Convenience Sticky Mat which redefines the concept of cleanliness.


The Anti-static Sticky Mat ensures electrostatic discharge protection, making it ideal for electronic environments where static electricity can cause damage. For industries requiring electrostatic discharge protection, our ESD Sticky Mat provides reliable grounding. The Anti-slip Sticky Mat offers high friction, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting workplace safety.


The Anti-bacterial Sticky Mat inhibits the growth of bacteria, promoting a hygienic workspace. Rest assured with our Non-toxic Sticky Mat, free from harmful chemicals and safe for both humans and the environment. The Convenience Sticky Mat boasts easy installation and replacement, saving time and effort.


With its waterproof properties, our Waterproof Sticky Mat allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Its bondable design offers versatility, allowing multiple mats to be interconnected for comprehensive coverage. with our Non-toxic Sticky Mat, free from harmful chemicals and safe for both humans and the environment. The Convenience Sticky Mat boasts easy installation and replacement, saving time and effort.

Enhance Cleanliness, Safety, And Efficiency In Your Workspace.

Experience the convenience of a single mat that incorporates anti-static, anti-bacterial, ESD protection, non-toxic, waterproof, and high friction features. Trust our Eco-friendly Convenience Sticky Mat to enhance cleanliness, safety, and efficiency in your workspace.
Wide Application of Multi-purpose Sticky Mat
Sticky Mat for Laboratory
Maintain a clean and controlled environment in laboratories with our specialized Sticky Mat, designed to capture dust and contaminants, ensuring accurate experiments and reliable results.
Sticky Mat for Hospital
Ensure hygiene and infection control in hospitals with our Sticky Mat. It effectively captures dirt and germs, preventing their spread and contributing to a cleaner and safer healthcare environment.
Remove dust Sticky Mat
Our specialized Sticky Mat is designed to remove dust and dirt from shoes or wheels, ensuring a clean and debris-free environment in various settings such as offices, workshops, and entryways.
Sticky Mat for Kitchen Floor
Keep your kitchen floor clean and free from dust and debris with our Sticky Mat. Its anti-slip and high friction properties provide safety while ensuring cleanliness, making it an ideal choice for busy kitchen environments.
Sticky Mat for Cleanrooms
Create a pristine and particle-free environment in cleanrooms with our advanced Sticky Mat. Its high adhesive strength captures even the tiniest contaminants, maintaining the strict cleanliness standards required for sensitive operations.
FAQs of Sticky Mat
Should you have any further questions or inquiries about Sticky Mat, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team. We are here to assist you and provide the best solutions for your cleanroom and workshop needs.
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Sticky mat is generally customized according to customer requirements, with a thickness of 2mm, a specific gravity of about 2.4kg/m2 and a load of 75kg / cm2, which can ensure the smooth passage of trolleys or hydraulic vehicles. It is suitable for logistics, warehousing and other fields. The servic

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As a rubber product, the physical characteristics of sticky mat determine that the rubber smell is inevitable. So what key points can we master in the process of purchasing sticky mat to help you choose a relatively environmentally friendly sticky mat? This article will share some experience, hoping

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Sticky Mat is also called Tacky Mat, or anti-static radio mat. It is usually used in the production workshops and laboratories of microelectronics industry, such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits. It is used to pave

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