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Sticky Mat

  • [Sticky Mat] Guide for testing Sticky Mat
    Sticky Mat is also called Tacky Mat, or anti-static radio mat. It is usually used in the production workshops and laboratories of microelectronics industry, such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits. It is used to pave
  • [Sticky Mat] Sticky mat features and usage scenarios
    Sticky mat is generally customized according to customer requirements, with a thickness of 2mm, a specific gravity of about 2.4kg/m2 and a load of 75kg / cm2, which can ensure the smooth passage of trolleys or hydraulic vehicles. It is suitable for logistics, warehousing and other fields. The servic
  • [Sticky Mat] How to choose environmental sticky mat
    As a rubber product, the physical characteristics of sticky mat determine that the rubber smell is inevitable. So what key points can we master in the process of purchasing sticky mat to help you choose a relatively environmentally friendly sticky mat? This article will share some experience, hoping
  • [Sticky Mat] Use direction of cleanroom sticky mat
    As we all know, cleanroom sticky mat has self-adhesive dust removal products, with smooth surface, moderate viscosity and small volume. Can effectively adhere to hair, dandruff, dust and other impurities; On the basis of the original adhesive dust-proof pad, the utility model adds a special function
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