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Characteristics and working principle of Sticky Mat

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Sticky Mat (floor mat), also known as Sticky Mat and anti-static radio mat. The Sticky Mat has long service time, has good anti acid, anti alkali and anti chemical flux characteristics, and is wear-resistant and easy to clean. This paper will introduce the characteristics and working principle of Sticky Mat.


The following is a list of contents:

  • Characteristics of Sticky Mat

  • Working principle of Sticky Mat


Characteristics of Sticky Mat

The Sticky Mat is mainly made of anti-static (conductive) materials and dissipative static materials, synthetic rubber, etc. The surface layer is about 0.5mm thick dissipative electrostatic layer, and the bottom layer is about 1.5mm thick conductive layer. It is usually 2mm double-layer composite structure.

The table mat has long service life, good acid, alkali and chemical flux resistance, wear resistance and easy cleaning The conductive floor mat is made of high-quality conductive materials, synthetic rubber, etc.

The Sticky Mat releases the static electricity of the human body, so that the ESD tweezers, tools, appliances and instruments on the human body and the table can reach a uniform potential, so that the electrostatic sensitive devices are not disturbed by the phenomenon of electrostatic discharge, so as to achieve the effect of electrostatic protection and avoid damage to the devices. This product does not contain harmful substances such as s, Hg, NH3 +, Pb, etc. Soft, strong resilience and toughness. Whether the product is used in the cold north or in the warm south, it can maintain its softness and flatness. When it is paved on the ground, the table top is very flat and will not be warped.

The Sticky Mat is mainly used in the production workshop and advanced laboratory of microelectronic industry such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits. It is mainly used for paving desktop, assembly line worktable, shelf and making floor mats, and is suitable for the needs of different conditions and environments.


Working principle of Sticky Mat

The Sticky Mat is green on the top and black on the bottom, with a double-layer composite structure. The middle mesh structure is adopted, which has the advantages of good electrostatic discharge effect and fast discharge. It is made of anti-static materials and dissipative static materials, synthetic rubber, etc. Its main working principle is:

1. The green side is for storage and absorption of static electricity around the desktop, with a resistance of 1E7 ~ 1e9 Ω cm;

2. The black bottom is a conductor with resistivity ≤ 1e6 Ω cm. Because it is a conductor, it can quickly discharge the absorbed static electricity;

3. One end of the grounding wire is connected to the Sticky Mat, and the other end is connected to the earth. Therefore, static electricity is smoothly discharged to the earth through the grounding wire. In this way, the static electricity around the desktop can be discharged through this principle.


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