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ESD clothing is specifically designed to prevent static charges passing from a person, or their clothing, into the surrounding environment. They are worn whenever static damage is a concern and are common practice in many industries. Some of the most common types of ESD clothing you’ll find are ESD shirts, coveralls and jackets, polo and etc.

We focus on the production and sales of high-level anti-static clothing. Our products are of high quality, durable and have a particularly stable anti-static index. In addition, we have a variety of styles for you to choose from, and we have the ability to provide you with customized services.The cubic resistance is about from 10^4 to10^9/cm and will not be effected by environment, humidity, temperature. That’s why you choose us.

ESD clothing can be used for many industries, including petroleum industry, mining and metallurgy industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, special industries,( such as atomic energy, aerospace, weapons, etc.), other industries (food, fireworks, medicine). We cooperated with many enterprises and made them satisfied.

LEENOL is an "ESD TOTAL SOLUTION" company to fulfill ESD requirements for factories and labs. LEENOL's product range covers LeeRackTM Handling Storage ESD Equipments, LeePakTM Packing Material, LeeBenchTM Factory and Lab Furniture.


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