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What Is ESD Clothing
Anti-static clothing is made of special anti-static clean fabric. It has the characteristics of high-efficiency and permanent anti-static and dust-proof performance, thin and smooth, and clear texture.
Why is it important to wear ESD clothing
The main reason people wear ESD smocks is to shield their insulative clothing and minimize the electric fields generated from their clothing. All process essential insulators should be kept at a minimum distance of 12 inches from ESD susceptible items. Clothing fabric, particularly when made from synthetic fibers, is a significant charge generator. Non-ESD clothing fabric is an isolated charged insulator which cannot be grounded and the resulting charges can threaten ESD sensitive devices.
The ESD Standard does not require ESD smocks, however they are a very practical solution for minimizing ESD events from a person’s clothing. ESD smocks can be an important step to demonstrating commitment to an ESD control program.
“Garments are intended to attenuate electrostatic fields that may be present on personnel clothing. The need for ESD protective garments is generally determined based on the sensitivity of the ESD items being handled where ESD control is a requirement.

While a person may be grounded using a wrist strap or other grounding methods, that does not mean that insulative clothing fabrics can dissipate a charge to that person’s skin and then to ground. Personnel clothing usually is electrically separate or isolated from the body.”
ESD Clothing Standards We Follow
It is designed to shields ESD charges from operators’ clothing from damaging.
It is constructed of dissipative material which made from polyester and a minimum of 2% carbon conductive fiber. The carbon suffused nylon creates electro-static dissipation to prevent static electricity.
It adopts traditional lapel collar, and zip front closure.
There're options for badge holder tab, pen pockets or sleeve ribbons if needed.
It offers good resistance to static, dust and chemicals. It is designed for Class 100-1000 cleanrooms and higher.
And it is applicable in Semiconductor, Biotech, Pharmaceutical industries and etc.
Meets ESD standards, system resistance ranges from 10e6-10e9ohms.
ESD Symbol or other requiremetns, could be discuss with our Customer Services.
Our ESD Clothing
Solutions With ESD Clothing
  • Where can I use Sticky Mat?

    Sticky Mats are suitable for various environments, including cleanrooms, electronic workshops, laboratories, hospitals, and other areas where cleanliness is crucial.
  • What after-sale services do you provide?

    We offer comprehensive after-sale support, including troubleshooting assistance, product warranty, and timely response to any queries or concerns you may have.
  • What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for Sticky Mat?

    The MOQ for Sticky Mat may vary depending on the specific product and customization requirements. Please contact our sales team for detailed information.
  • How are Sticky Mats shipped?

    We provide multiple shipping options, including express courier, air freight, and sea freight. The shipping method will be determined based on your location, order size, and delivery timeframe.
  • Can I request a sample of Sticky Mat before placing a larger order?

    Yes, we offer samples of our Sticky Mat products for evaluation. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss sample availability and pricing.
  • Are there any specific care instructions for Sticky Mat?

    To ensure optimal performance, we recommend regular cleaning of the Sticky Mat surface and replacement when the adhesive loses its effectiveness. Detailed care instructions are provided with each product.
  • Can Sticky Mat be customized with our logo or specific dimensions?

    Yes, we offer customizable options for Sticky Mats, including logo printing and tailored dimensions. Our sales team can guide you through the customization process.
  • Are there different adhesive strengths available for Sticky Mat?

    Yes, we offer Sticky Mats with varying adhesive strengths to suit different requirements. Our sales team can assist you in selecting the appropriate adhesive strength for your specific application.
  • Are you a manufacturer?

    ①.Ans:Yes, we have been in manufacturing and providing excellent Cleanroom and ESD solutions for customers more than 10years. 
    ②.Our own production plants and a wide network of suppliers who are strictly selected, are totally qualified for ISO Quality Management System.
  • How long you could prepare samples?

    Ans:normally 3days if we have the sample in hand. If customized one, about a week around.
Cases With ESD Clothing
ESD Clothing Documents
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As we all know, ESD coverall are mainly used in special industries, such as gas stations, petroleum, chemical industry, workshops, laboratories, etc. ESD coverall have good anti-static function, which can avoid the accumulation of static electricity generated by human body on clothes and avoid unexpected accidents caused by static sparks.

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