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Working principle and service life of ESD coverall

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As we all know, ESD coverall are mainly used in special industries, such as gas stations, petroleum, chemical industry, workshops, laboratories, etc. ESD coverall have good anti-static function, which can avoid the accumulation of static electricity generated by human body on clothes and avoid unexpected accidents caused by static sparks.

There are also many kinds of ESD coverall. Enterprises can choose different types of ESD coverall according to their own working environment and needs. Many ESD coverall manufacturers will also supply a variety of ESD coverall for enterprises to choose.

So, will the anti-static function of ESD coverall be maintained all the time? Will the service time of ESD coverall affect the service life of ESD coverall?

The following is a list of contents:

  • What is ESD coverall

  • Principle of ESD coverall

  • Service life of ESD coverall

What is ESD coverall

Anti static work clothes is to prevent the accumulation of static electricity on clothes. Anti static fabric is used as the fabric. According to the specified style and structural plane, ESD coverall generally refer to ESD coverall fabric. Does anti-static fabric refer to ESD coverall fabric? Now, what is suitable for anti-static overalls.

Principle of ESD coverall

Many dust-free workshops also need ESD coverall, and dust-free workshops need anti-static and dust-free effects. ESD coverall are fabrics mixed with conductive fibers, antistatic fibers, or both. They are made of sub conductive fibers, stainless steel fibers, antistatic synthetic fibers and polyester cotton blended or blended fabrics. This fabric has good permanent antistatic and dustproof properties, and is efficient, thin and smooth, with clear texture, mainly to prevent static electricity accumulation on the clothing, Meet the requirements of high-grade dust environment.

Service life of ESD coverall

The anti-static function of ESD coverall will also decrease with the increase of wearing time, but there is no exact index to explain how long they can be used, that is, there is no provision on the service life, shelf life and service life of ESD coverall. Because different enterprises use different methods, washing and preservation of ESD coverall, the capability of ESD coverall is also different.

In fact, the performance test of ESD coverall is regular cleaning and testing, which can ensure the long-term survival of anti-static function. If the ESD coverall are not tested, the anti-static performance is likely to be reduced. Therefore, the ESD coverall must be tested regularly, and the unqualified ESD coverall shall be replaced and scrapped immediately, so as to ensure high-efficiency work.

No matter what industry you are engaged in, as long as it is applied to ESD coverall, you must operate in accordance with the above contents. Moreover, when choosing ESD coverall, enterprises should not choose unqualified ESD coverall in order to save money, so as to avoid greater losses of interests, but also protect the life safety of staff and ensure the efficient production of products.

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