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The working principle of ESD Clothes

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We all know that the contact, separation and friction between objects will generate static electricity. During the production process, any extrusion, cutting, handling, stirring, filtering, walking, standing up and undressing in life will generate static electricity. It can be said that static electricity is everywhere in our daily production and life, Sometimes there may be static electricity as high as thousands of volts to tens of thousands of volts in ourselves or around us. Sometimes these static electricity will do harm to our body and cause losses to our production. Now there are many ESD clothes on the market. So what the principle of ESD clothes?


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  • Working principle of anti-static

  • Working principle of ESD clothes

Working principle of anti-static

The measures to eliminate static electricity mainly rely on physical and chemical methods. The first is to eliminate static electricity by grounding, the second is to install Static Eliminators, the third is to rely on static agents, and the fourth is to achieve the effect of eliminating static electricity by shielding. Its basic principle is:

1 . Electrostatic dissipation, also known as electrostatic dissipation and leakage, is a method to quickly dissipate and leak the static electricity generated in the production environment and various operation processes to prevent electrostatic hazards, which is usually realized by grounding or anti-static materials.

2 . Static neutralization: in some occasions, when it is inconvenient to use ESD protective materials, or when it is necessary to lower some high insulation articles that are easy to generate static electricity to be stored on the workbench or process line, static neutralization measures must be taken for the operating environment in order to ensure the product quality. Electrostatic neutralization is realized by means of ion electrostatic eliminator or inductive electrostatic brush.

3 . Electrostatic shielding, which is usually used to shield the electrostatic field generated by high-voltage power supply and some circuits very sensitive to static electricity, so as to prevent static electricity from harming the project.

4. Humidification, mainly by increasing the surface conductivity of non-conductive materials, so that the static charge accumulated by objects can leak faster, so as to achieve the control of static electricity. Generally, the humidity needs to be maintained at more than 60% to 70% to achieve the effect of anti-static.


Working principle of ESD clothes

ESD clothes mainly uses the corona discharge and leakage discharge mechanism of conductive fibers to eliminate the electrification of clothes and human body. That is, when grounded, the static electricity on the fabric can be discharged to the earth through the conductive fiber in addition to being neutralized by the corona discharge of the conductive fiber; When not grounded, the electricity is eliminated by means of weak corona discharge of conductive fiber.


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