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Industry Background

LEENOL continues to cooperate with companies in the food and beverage industry. The food and beverage industry is an indispensable industry in human life.

Companies operating in this field continue to produce and must regularly and efficiently store the products they produce. Therefore, effective use of space to conduct storage are important factors. With the special design products we provide in this field, we provide solutions for customer needs in the inventory and logistics section.

In particular, the company likes to use corex and dunnage boxes, pp separators, horizontal pp separators, metal folding pallets, dynamic racking and transportation systems.

Thanks to these products, the company can avoid increasing costs. In addition, our products have a longer service life than cardboard and similar products.

Besides, we also produce other eva separators, sponge separators, foam separators, EcoPack intelligent transportation systems, etc. By creating different combinations with our products, we can create designs that fully meet customer needs, and change all of these separators to partition.



LEENOL is an "ESD TOTAL SOLUTION" company to fulfill ESD requirements for factories and labs. LEENOL's product range covers LeeRackTM Handling Storage ESD Equipments, LeePakTM Packing Material, LeeBenchTM Factory and Lab Furniture.

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