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Anti-static Table Mat Grounding Cord ESD Wrist Strap

  • LN-1591803

Anti-static ESD Table Mat Grounding Cord (1)Anti-static ESD Table Mat Grounding Cord (2)Anti-static ESD Table Mat Grounding Cord (4)

 ESD wired wrist strap is the most basic of anti-static equipment, is also the most widely used in the production line is necessary article, not only on the construction and operation is very convenient, the price is also the most economical and practical, its reason is through the wrist strap and ground wire, to human body electrostatic discharge to the earth, so use wristbands necessary really contact with the skin, also need direct grounding earth wire, and ensure the grounding line unimpeded to maximum effect.

Application of ESD bracelet :

ESD Wired Wrist Strap always be used to prevent electrostatic discharge by safely grounding a person working with electronic equipments or at an electronic assembly facility.

Specification about ESD bracelet :

1.    Charge decay < 0.1 Sec

2.   Adjustable wristband in blur,black,brown 

3.    Comfortable wristband with 10mm snap

4.    1 Meg Ohm resistor for added safety

5.    Sets with 6' or 10' coil cord

6.    Two snaps   


Properties of ESD bracelet :


1.    Fabric: elastic band with Stainless steel fiber mixed

2.    Back plate: Stainless steel

3.    Contact: 360 degrees around wrist

4.    Adjustment: simply adjust, adjustable to fit any wrist size

5.    Snap size: 10mm

6.    Resistance: 100~200 ohm

7.    Outer surface:  insulative

 Coil cord:

1.    1 MΩ safety resistor in the snap

2.    Excellent strain relief connection

3.    PU cord and 7-stand tinsel wire

4.    Cord outer diameter:2.2mm

5.    Snap release: 5pounds

6.    Color: light blue,black, brown

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