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Are anti cut gloves really cut resistant?

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Many businesses claim that wearing their anti cut gloves, they can pick up the white blade with bare hands. Is this true?

Anti cut gloves are made of special materials, which are difficult to be cut. Their wear resistance and anti cutting performance are much better than ordinary gloves. They are a common labor protection articles, which are commonly used in rescue and rescue, metal smelting, petrochemical industry, meat segmentation, glass factory processing and other places.

The commonly used materials of anti cut gloves include high-strength polyethylene fiber, spandex, steel wire, etc.

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  • Material of anti cut gloves

  • Grade of anti cut gloves


The first kind of pure steel wire gloves is made of stainless steel ring and stainless steel ring through weaving and welding. This kind of gloves can not be broken by the knife and has good anti cutting performance. The disadvantage is that the gap between steel wires is relatively large and sharp and small things are easy to penetrate. This kind of gloves is suitable for cutting and other non particularly precise operating environments. The second kind of hPPE gloves is made of glass fiber. This kind of gloves can be divided into three-level anti cutting and five-level anti cutting. Generally, the palm of gloves is coated with glue, which can effectively prevent the injury of small and sharp objects to the hand. The disadvantage is that the glass fiber is heretical and the service life is not very long. The third kind of Kevlar anti cut gloves, which is also a very common anti cut gloves on the market. This kind of gloves not only prevent cutting, but also have anti scalding function. Generally, the palm of the gloves is skinned to prolong the service life. Generally, yellow is the most common.

Anti cut gloves can reduce the injury to the hand. They can't do whatever they want when they are worn. They don't pay attention to construction safety. Personnel who use them for a long time must do a good job in personal protection.


Grade of anti cut gloves

From low to high, the anti cut gloves are 1-5 levels, and different levels correspond to different protective effects. When selecting anti cut gloves, we must know the restrictions on the use of gloves, so we know the difference between the grades of anti cut gloves.

Anti cut gloves meet the standard

En388 is the European safety testing standard for protective gloves against mechanical hazards. Mechanical hazard refers to the risk that is likely to be caused by friction, knife cutting, tearing and piercing. The four basic test performances of this standard are:

Wear resistance: the number of turns of glove material against repeated friction;

Cutting resistance: the number of turns of the glove material against cutting objects;

Tear resistance: that is, how many units of force is required to tear the hole cut in advance in the glove material;

Puncture resistance: that is, how much force it takes to pierce the palm of a glove with a calibrated long nail.

En388 standard adopts different measures for the test of the above functions. Then, the test results obtained according to the test are indicated with different mechanical hazard symbols to indicate the rating status of the glove compared with each of the four basic tests, and the results are recorded as the functional rating. The higher the rating, the better the protection provided by gloves.

Qualified gloves must be marked with the shield sign of blacksmith hammer image, and use 1 to 4 to reflect the protection level, and the anti cutting rating can reach the highest level of 5.

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