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Correct wearing method of anti-static wrist strap

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With the progress of production technology, anti-static wrist bands are more and more widely used in electronic production and sterile environment. In production activities, factories should carry out wearing training for workers. This article will briefly introduce the correct methods and some precautions for wearing anti-static wrist bands.


The following is a list of contents:

  • Wearing method of anti-static wrist strap

  • matters needing attention


Wearing method of anti-static wrist strap

Clean your hands and keep them dry, wear the electrostatic bracelet on your wrist, and closely contact the metal sheet measured in the electrostatic bracelet with your skin. Clamp the metal collet of the anti-static bracelet at the bare copper of the grounding wire.

1. In order to prevent workers from damaging fragile semiconductor components such as MOS tubes or CMOS integrated devices during welding or assembly on the production line of electronic factories, workers are often required to wear anti-static bracelets to release the static electricity accumulated by the human body in time. The function of anti-static bracelet is to discharge the static electricity of human body and prevent them from being damaged by discharging chips and components. Anti static bracelet is a must.          

2. The static electricity of human body is about 3000-4000v. If it is on the assembly line of an electronics factory, static electricity may break the chip. In high school physics, we all learned the process of friction electrification. There are two main ways: friction with silk and glass rod to produce positive charge; Friction between fur and a rubber rod produces a negative charge. The static electricity of the human body is mainly caused by the friction between clothes. Especially fiber clothing and dry weather are more conducive to charge accumulation and transfer.                                                                                           

3. Through the wristband and grounding wire, the static electricity on the human body is discharged to the earth. Therefore, when using, the wristband must be in contact with the skin, and the grounding wire also needs to be directly grounded, and ensure that the grounding wire is unobstructed in order to give full play to the maximum effect.


matters needing attention

We suggest that each user should wear both feet at the same time when using the disposable anti-static heel strap, so as to increase the contact time between the heel strap and the ground, so as to reduce the possibility of human electrostatic harm to the product. At the same time, disposable anti-static ankle strap must be used for anti-static floor or ground. In some occasions where activities are needed, anti-static shoes or disposable anti-static shoelaces can replace wristbands and have the same function. Disposable anti-static heel strap has no ground wire and can walk freely within the range of conductive pad. It is the best choice for high mobility studio or warehouse.

Disposable anti-static heel strap shall be used together with conductive pad. The principle is to discharge the static electricity generated by the human body to the ground through the disposable anti-static heel strap, conductive pad and grounding wire through the black conductive material placed in the socks. Therefore, the black conductive part of the grounded disposable anti-static heel strap should be in contact with the skin. In order to ensure that the disposable anti-static heel strap can be in continuous contact with the floor mat, users should wear disposable anti-static heel strap on both feet to avoid electrostatic protection leakage during walking.


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