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Daily use and improvement of ESD strap

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Anti static wrist strap is an anti-static product, which is used together with anti-static clothing, anti-static gloves and anti-static shoes. Now it has become a necessity for electronic factories, semiconductor factories and high-precision production enterprises. But many people don't know how to distinguish the quality of wristbands. They usually test them the first time they receive them. However, in the process of use, they do not often test, and employees can not find out whether there is a problem with the wristband in time. This makes the wristband look intact, but it's not. How to solve this problem has become a difficult problem in the electrostatic protection scheme.


The following is a list of contents:

  • Daily use of anti-static wrist strap

  • Improvement of anti-static wrist strap


Daily use of anti-static wrist strap

In daily use, strictly follow the use method of ESD strap, which can avoid the negligence of employees and reduce the damage to wrist strap. Use of anti-static wrist strap:

1. The stainless steel shell of the ESD strap should be inside the left wrist. The left hand is mainly worn because the right hand moves more and the internal contact resistance of the wrist is the smallest.

2. The wristband should be in close contact with the skin and should not be relaxed or separated by clothes.

3. The anti-static wrist strap shall be tested once in the workshop and recorded. The tightness shall be subject to the test, and the unqualified wrist strap shall be adjusted or replaced immediately.


Improvement of anti-static wrist strap

Install the wristband monitoring device. The wristband monitoring system can monitor the integrity of the wristband connection and the static electricity of the wristband in real time. It can not only alarm when employees are careless and do not use the wristband correctly, but also alarm when static electricity or wristband is damaged. The whole process monitoring can ensure the normal use of the grounding system in the anti-static working area.

The anti-static display is made of high-precision electronic components. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast response, strong anti-interference ability, small volume, light weight and simple use. It can be used for grounding and alarm wristbands, table mats, equipment, etc. The working state of the ESD strap can be monitored at any time without noise. It can provide reliable protection for wrist strap, table mat and equipment grounding system in anti-static (personal) work area.


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