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ESD Glove refers to rubber gloves

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ESD Glove can be divided into cloth gloves and polyester rubber gloves. Among them, anti-static polyester rubber gloves use seamless connection weaving method, which is widely used in industrial manufacturing and daily life. For example, antistatic gluing gloves for palm dispensing and antistatic gluing gloves for finger dispensing are collectively referred to as antistatic coated rubber gloves, also known as gluing gloves.


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ESD Glove

ESD Glove is a semi-circular automatic dispensing machine with polyurethane and epoxy resin coated on the five finger tips of finger gloves, which has the functions of anti-skid and anti perspiration on the ground. In addition, it also has the function of weakening the current intensity. It can protect our arms from direct contact with more sensitive electronic products, so as not to destroy more sensitive electronic products.

The anti-static palm glue coated gloves are coated with PVC or PU glue mixed with carbon powder at the front palm, which also has the function of anti-skid and anti perspiration on the ground, but it is important to prevent tip discharge and protect electronic components from tip discharge. In addition, they are also anti-static full-automatic glue dispenser gloves of full-automatic glue dispenser at the palm, which are technically specialized for anti-skid on the ground, It also has good antistatic characteristics.


Principle of ESD Glove

ESD Glove are basically made of anti-static polyester cloth. ESD Glove have good elasticity and anti-static effect. In the manufacturing and assembly of electronic products, the human body will inevitably generate static electricity. When we remove and rub daily, the human body will generate static electricity. Some are stored on the human body. By contacting the conductive materials of electronic devices, these static electricity will be introduced into the circuit board and some electronic devices through our fingers, which will cause damage to these precision devices.

Therefore, ESD Glove become indispensable. It can well prevent the introduction of human static electricity into the product and prevent its damage. In addition, basically, ESD Glove can be cleaned and reused. Of course, pay attention to avoid being placed in a corrosive environment.


Materials of ESD Glove

ESD Glove are generally composed of fabrics with conductive chemical fibers, and can also be manually woven from long chemical fiber elastic nylon. One kind of gloves must be pasted with polyurethane adhesive in one part of the palm, polyurethane epoxy resin in one part of the finger tip, or high-pressure polyethylene coating on the surface of the gloves. Gloves made of conductive chemical fibers can quickly dissipate the electrostatic induction gathered in the hand.

The other is gloves with polyurethane material or high-pressure polyethylene coating, which is not easy to cause floating dust and electrostatic induction. ESD Glove are mostly used in product quality inspection, packaging and printing, electronic equipment, weak current flow, assembly of instruments and meters, and testing of various scientific research administrative organs.


In general, ESD Glove are widely used in many industries, including daily life, because of their excellent anti-static, anti-skid and anti perspiration characteristics. Above is the professional knowledge in many fields of anti-static coating rubber gloves of automatic dispensing machine. I look forward to helping you.


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