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Have you been electrocuted by your clothes this winter

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Touch a door handle, accompanied by tingling, a burst of current passes through; Take off a sweater, with the crackling sound, the fire lingers around; We all know that this is "static electricity"! What is static electricity? How can winter be prevented?

Below are the subheadings:

  • Causes of static electricity

  • Temperature and humidity of the environment.

  • Antistatic fabric

  • Antistatic fiber

  • Add conductive wire

  • Antistatic finishing agent

Causes of static electricity

Static electricity is a relatively static charge, which is the excess or insufficient static charge on the surface of an object; It is a physical phenomenon that the positive and negative charges on the surface of an object are separated. After any two objects of different materials are contacted and separated, static electricity can be generated, and the common method of generating static electricity is friction to generate electricity. Of course, there are contact electrification, induction electrification and other electrification methods. The electrostatic property of the material itself, the microstructure and properties of the material are the main factors determining the electrostatic charging sequence, which directly affect the electrification symbol and charging amount. The antistatic performance of natural cellulose fiber is better than that of chemical synthetic fiber, such as cotton and hemp. The fundamental reason is that there are more hydrophilic groups on the fiber. The more water the fiber absorbs, the better the antistatic performance and the worse the chemical water absorption.

Temperature and humidity of the environment

In dry and cold winter, the temperature is relatively low, the saturated vapor pressure of the air is relatively low, and the water vapor content of the air is low. The static electricity generated in this way is not easy to guide away through the water vapor in the air and is easy to accumulate. Therefore, static electricity is easy to occur.

Antistatic fabric

As mentioned above, natural cellulose fibers such as cotton and hemp are less prone to static electricity, but they are not antistatic fiber. The following is a brief introduction to the three ways to achieve antistatic treatment of domestic fabrics.

Antistatic fiber

New antistatic fibers are used in clothing, such as Richcel fiber, nylon 11 fiber, etc. these fibers have poor adsorption capacity for charge, so as to give full play to the antistatic advantages of fibers and can be durable antistatic. However, the clothing price of this fiber is relatively expensive, and friends with strong demand can choose.

Add conductive wire

Antistatic fabrics are mostly made of metal fiber or acrylic copper complex fiber and other fibers. The conductive mechanism is to generate corona discharge between conductive fibers. When the static voltage on the clothes reaches a certain value, a non sparking corona discharge will be generated, and the static electricity on the clothes will be eliminated naturally. This way can also be durable antistatic.

Antistatic finishing agent

The third is to treat the fabric with anti-static finishing agent, so that the static electricity generated by the clothing can be neutralized by the Yin and yang ions in the surfactant, or form a conductive layer of insoluble polymer on the surface of the clothing, so that it has a certain water absorption, so as to reduce the insulation capacity of the fabric and achieve the anti-static effect. Durable finishing agents are divided into non durability and durability. Please pay attention to the functional tag logo when you buy them. Fabrics with non durable treatment can only have antistatic performance for a short time, while fabrics with durable antistatic finishing agent can be washed for many times without attenuation of antistatic performance, such as Tief warm fleece fabric.

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