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How to reuse cleanroom wiper

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Cleanroom wiper, also known as dust-free wiping cloth, is made of 100% polyester fiber double woven. It has a soft surface, can be used to wipe sensitive surfaces, and does not take off fiber after friction. It has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Cleanroom wiper is often used in semiconductor assembly, aviation manufacturing and maintenance, computer assembly, laboratory and other places. How can we reuse the cleanroom wiper and reduce the cost?

The following is a list of contents

  1. Types and application methods of cleanroom wiper

  2. Cleaning method of cleanroom wiper

Types and application methods of cleanroom wiper

At present, the dust-free fabrics on the market mainly include polyester brocade woven submicron fiber cleanroom wiper, polyester knitted submicron fiber, wood pulp / viscose and polyester composite non-woven submicron fiber, polyester brocade knitted submicron fiber, all wood pulp non-woven submicron fiber, all PP non-woven submicron fiber, PVA sponge submicron fiber and other dust-free fabrics. The water absorption and dust emission of these dust-free fabrics are different, I will not repeat here.

Wear dust-free gloves when unpacking and using cleanroom wiper, because the packaging of cleanroom wiper is generally vacuum packaging, in order to prevent ions in the air from affecting the performance of cleanroom wiper. When wiping with a cleanroom wiper, you can dip it in solvent or wipe it directly to see your preferences and convenience. When using, wrap the four sides of the cleanroom wiper inside, and do not cut it by yourself, so as not to cause serious fringes and affect the use.

Cleaning method of cleanroom wiper

When cleaning the cleanroom wiper, we can't use bleaching chemicals to clean the cleanroom wiper. Using chemicals to clean the cleanroom wiper will shorten the service life of the cleanroom wiper. We should choose neutral detergent and scrub it with warm water. The correct cleaning method is the key to whether the cleanroom wiper can be reused.

The following are precautions for cleaning cleanroom wiper:

1. Do not use chemical reagents such as bleach for cleaning, which will shorten the service life of cleanroom wiper.

2. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

3. Softener cannot be used because it will leave a film on the surface of microfiber, which will seriously affect the wiping effect.

4. Neutral detergent should be used for cleaning with warm water.

5. Dry in the air or in a dryer. Do not iron or expose to the sun.

The performance of cleanroom wiper is not only related to its own material, but also closely related to later maintenance. Therefore, the cleaning of cleanroom wiper has certain professionalism, and can not be washed carelessly, which is the key to prolong the service life of cleanroom wiper.

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