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Information of Cleanroom Wiper

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Cleanroom wiper is a kind of cleaning and wiping material widely used in electronics, medical treatment, bioengineering, optics and other fields. Compared with traditional rags, Cleanroom wiper has the advantages of high cleanliness, strong absorption and no dust removal. It can excellently complete the application of removing trace pollutants in dust-free environment (microelectronics, precision machinery, medical devices and other industries), It is the most effective cleaning tool in a dust-free environment.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Characteristics of Cleanroom wiper

  • Classification of Cleanroom wiper

  • Purification grade of Cleanroom wiper

  • Model of Cleanroom wiper

  • Size of Cleanroom wiper

  • Edge sealing process of Cleanroom wiper

  • Composition of Cleanroom wiper

Characteristics of Cleanroom wiper

It has high water absorption. It can be wiped dry or wet with solvent. There is no residue or dandruff after wiping.

Soft, it will not cause damage to the machinery and loss the machinery when wiping.

Environmental protection, the quantum released by it is low and will not cause secondary pollution to the product.

It will not produce chemical reaction with reagent and cause loss to product or others.

Classification of Cleanroom wiper

Cleanroom wiper is divided into polyester Cleanroom wiper, superfine fiber Cleanroom wiper and polyester fiber Cleanroom wiper.

Purification grade of Cleanroom wiper

In different application fields, dust-free workshops have strict grade standards, and the cleanliness can be roughly divided into grade 10, Grade 100, grade 1000, grade 10000, etc. dust-free workshops of each grade should use the same grade of dust-free cleaning consumables.

Model of Cleanroom wiper

Under the same conditions, for example, polyester Cleanroom wiper with model 1009 often derives different subdivision models such as 1009a and 1009b. This is because the weight of Cleanroom wiper of each subdivision model is different due to different knitting processes during the knitting process, so there will be different subdivision models, The choice of Cleanroom wiper mainly depends on different use scenarios.

Size of Cleanroom wiper

The conventional size of Cleanroom wiper is usually 4 inches, 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches. Other sizes can also be customized according to customer needs.

Edge sealing process of Cleanroom wiper

Edge banding process is divided into four edge banding processes: cold cutting, hot cutting, ultrasonic and laser. Each edge banding process has corresponding process characteristics.

Composition of Cleanroom wiper

The Cleanroom wiper is composed of polyester fiber through double weaving. Its surface is very soft, and it is also easy to wipe the sensitive surface. It will not lose fiber during friction work, and it also has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Usually, the cleaning and packaging of products are completed in the ultra clean workshop.

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