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Information of ESD shoes

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With the progress of science and technology and the rise of electronic industry, ESD shoes play an increasingly important role in industrial production activities. For manufacturers, especially those engaged in electronic industry, it is very important to understand ESD shoes. This article will give you a brief understanding of ESD shoes.


The following is a list of contents:

  • What are ESD shoes?

  • Different types of ESD shoes

  • Composition of ESD shoes


What are ESD shoes?

ESD shoes are a kind of work shoes worn in the production workshops and advanced laboratories of microelectronic industry such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits to reduce or eliminate the harm of static electricity. ESD shoes can guide static electricity from the human body to the earth, so as to eliminate human static electricity. At the same time, they also effectively inhibit the dust generated by personnel walking in a dust-free room. The sole is made of Pu or PVC materials. The sole is made of anti-static and anti-skid materials, which can not only absorb sweat and odor, but also achieve the functions of anti-skid and anti-static. It is integrated with the upper, and then reinforced on the line. ESD shoes can effectively leak static electricity, but they must be used together with anti-static clothing (anti-static insole, anti-static socks) and anti-static floor to form a complete anti-static system, which is suitable for the harsh working environment sensitive to static electricity.


Different types of ESD shoes

ESD shoes are usually also called static shoes and anti-static work shoes, which are divided into outdoor and indoor wearing. Their styles mainly include solid shoes, mesh shoes, four hole shoes, medium towel shoes, anti smashing shoes, etc. Among them, four hole shoes are more used. This style makes the shoes light, soft, comfortable, breathable and feel good. However, this kind of four hole shoes can not be used in dust-free and clean workshops with high requirements for cleanliness.

ESD shoes can be divided into two categories: anti-static shoes and anti-static slippers.

Anti-static shoes can be basically divided into:

1. Low top shoes: medium towel shoes (full top shoes), hole (eye) shoes, mesh (face) shoes, ladle head, etc.

2. Sleeve boots: soft soled boots, hard soled boots, etc.

3. Anti smashing shoes: ladle head shoes.

Wearing anti-static clean work shoes is the most effective and reliable way to discharge the electrostatic charge of the operator's human body.


Pu anti-static slippers are made of static dissipative material Pu (polyurethane), and the had system based on kinematics and physiology is introduced. The shoes are light, soft, comfortable and breathable, and are not easy to fatigue after long-term wearing. Pu antistatic slippers are of high quality and low price. They are an economical choice and are suitable for use in electrostatic sensitive areas.


Composition of ESD shoes

ESD shoes can contact the ground in industrial production and quickly introduce static electricity into the earth. They are one of the protective articles used to release and isolate static electricity. To further improve the effectiveness of ESD shoes, we must first understand the structure of ESD shoes.

Like ordinary shoes, ESD shoes are mainly composed of soles and uppers. The soles of ESD shoes are mainly made of PU, SPU and PVC. The surface resistance of these three materials is roughly between the 6th power of 10 and the 9th power of 10. Their anti-static effect is relatively good. On these soles are insoles. Different from ordinary shoes, the insole of ESD shoes is made of anti-static fabric, or there is an anti-static fabric strip at the front sole of the insole, which is the main channel for human static discharge. These two parts form the sole of ESD shoes; Above the sole is the upper, which is mainly made of T / C cotton, leather, canvas and conductive silk.


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