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Installation standard, production standard and construction procedure of anti-static table mat

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Anti-static table mat is also called anti-static rubber sheet, anti-static rubber, etc. The anti-static table mat is mainly made of static conductive materials, static dissipative materials and synthetic rubber, etc., and is made through a variety of processes. The table mat lasts for a long time, has very good anti-acid, anti-alkali and anti-chemical flux characteristics, and is wear-resistant and easy to clean. So do you know what is the installation standard of anti-static table mat?

Installation standard of anti-static table mat

When installing the bench mat, you should choose an air temperature greater than 25°C, a humidity less than 60%, and a good ventilation effect. If the temperature is too high or the humidity is too high, the installation effect and the use effect will be adversely affected.

After laying the anti-static table mat on the desktop, you need to buckle one end of the anti-static grounding wire button on the surface, and the other end is connected to the ground conductor, so that the static electricity collected on the desktop can be discharged through the anti-static grounding wire; When laying on the ground, the foundation ground can be terrazzo ground, porcelain ground, or wooden ground. The ground must be flat and dry, without obvious unevenness, unevenness less than two thousandths, and sufficient strength, without sanding or shelling Phenomenon.

Production standard of anti-static table mat

The structure of the anti-static table mat has two types: multi-layer and single-layer. The single-layer structure of the anti-static table mat should be made by adding an appropriate amount of carbon black, metal powder or conductive fiber to the rubber material to produce a conductive network formed by carbon black particles. The production of multi-layer antistatic rubber pads is divided into three layers: the top layer needs to add antistatic agent or conductive material powder to the rubber, the middle layer is to add conductive fibers to the rubber, and the bottom layer is to add conductive carbon black to the rubber. Its purpose is to allow the static charge to be neutralized or discharged quickly.

Construction procedure of anti-static table mat

1. Use cleaning fluid or xylene to clean the waste on the ground (using a cleaning machine).

2. The thickness of copper strips for laying grounding conductive nets is 0.02mm, and the width is 20mm. The number of strips is determined according to the actual width of the ground. ), and at the same time lead one end of the laying copper bar to the outdoor grounding electrode of the earth.

3. After the grounding conductive net is laid, put the anti-static table mats on the ground one by one. If the gap between the table mats is too large, it can be cut with a knife to make the gap smaller. Turn the edge of the laid anti-static table mat on the table mat, apply glue in the middle of the gap, and let it dry for 20-30 minutes, until the hands are not sticky, the operation on the back of the anti-static table mat is the same, and then put the anti-static table mat on the ground Glue, and then use heavy rollers to roll several times to make the surface of the anti-static table mat neat and straight, and it can be used after 48 hours at room temperature.

The above content is about the relevant knowledge about the installation standards, production standards and construction procedures of the anti-static table mat. Using standard anti-static table mats can not only save the production cost of electronic products, improve the production efficiency in the workshop, but also effectively control the harm to the human body caused by static electricity generated by electronic components.

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