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Introduction of ESD strap

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The ESD strap is made of soft and elastic materials and conductive wires. Its conductive performance is good, its length can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the spring grounding wire can withstand more than 30000 environmental tests without breaking. This article will briefly introduce the anti-static wrist strap. The following is the list of contents:


  • Classification of ESD strap

  • Application scope of ESD strap


Classification of ESD strap

The anti-static wrist strap produced by LEENOL includes rope wrist strap, silver yarn wrist strap, Velcro wrist strap, metal wrist strap, silicone wrist strap, etc., but these can be roughly classified into rope wrist strap and cordless wrist strap.

Corded strap

The corded wristband is the most basic anti-static equipment and the most commonly used necessary product on the production line. It is not only very convenient in erection and operation, but also the most affordable in price. Its principle is to discharge the static electricity on the human body to the ground through the wristband and grounding wire. Therefore, the wristband must be in contact with the skin when in use, and the grounding wire must also be directly grounded, And ensure that the grounding wire is unobstructed in order to give full play to the maximum effect.

Cordless strap

Working principle of cordless wristband: according to corona discharge effect and tip discharge principle, when the accumulated charge exceeds a certain value, it will discharge into space due to potential difference, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity. In addition, a screw is set outside the machine to connect with the internal conductor circuit

(1) The utility model can be used as an instantaneous introduction of a large amount of static charge due to personnel's improper contact with the high static power supply. When the ion neutralization is not completed, it can achieve ion neutralization with the external air and water molecules, so as to effectively eliminate the static electricity, so as to achieve the ultimate purpose of static discharge (static voltage balance).

(2) This screw can be used for potential zeroing function (just touch the screw to ground)

(3) It can be used as a circuit detection terminal. Its features: convenient and reliable; Electrostatic dissipation time: less than 0.5s.


Application scope of ESD strap

Anti static wristbands are widely used in electronic factories, IC, semiconductor chips, high-tech products and other manufacturing industries. The principle is to discharge the static electricity generated by the human body to the ground through the disposable anti-static heel strap, conductive pad and grounding wire through the black conductive material placed in the socks. Therefore, the black conductive part of the grounded disposable anti-static heel strap should be in contact with the skin. In order to ensure that the disposable anti-static heel strap can be in continuous contact with the floor mat, users should wear disposable anti-static heel strap on both feet to avoid electrostatic protection leakage during walking.


LEENOL produces a variety of ESD strap. You can learn more about our ESD strap on our product page. If you are interested in ESD strap, ESD clothes or ESD shoes, please contact

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