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Knowledge points of ESD Glove

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Anti static gloves have a wide range of uses and various types, and different anti-static gloves have different characteristics and suitable occasions. They are used in the electronic industry alone, such as anti-static cloth gloves, anti-static PU gloves, anti-static plastic gloves, anti-static palm coated gloves, ESD Glove, etc. Today, the Xiaobian of Shandong Meian clothing will come with you to understand the knowledge of ESD Glove.


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  • ESD Glove

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ESD Glove


ESD Glove are generally made of nylon or carbon fiber by seamless weaving method, which will not be off-line. PU resin is coated on five fingers. This PU resin has good acid and alkali resistance and skid resistance, avoids sliding when grasping objects, and can effectively improve production efficiency. Its anti-static performance is excellent, the surface resistance is 10 ^ 6-10 ^ 9 Ω, and the amount of charge is less than 0.3 per pair μ C. It can quickly release the static charge generated by the human body and eliminate the harm of static electricity to the human body.


The fingertips of ESD Glove are round, with good elasticity, fully fit the hand shape, make the fingers move flexibly, and can effectively relieve the pressure generated by the fingertips of operators during operation. They are very suitable for fine work and have strong air permeability. They are very suitable for long-time operation. They are economical, not easy to deform and have long service life. They can be reused after washing with water, Therefore, anti-static palm coated gloves are widely used in electronics, machinery manufacturing and other industries.


Advantages of ESD Glove


Most of the ESD Glove on the market are made of special anti-static polyester cloth. The base material is composed of polyester and conductive fiber. ESD Glove have excellent elasticity and anti electricity function. It can avoid damage to products caused by static electricity generated by human body, so it is very suitable for use in electronic industry, semiconductor and dust-free workshops.

In addition, polyester cloth ESD Glove can be divided into dispensing full-length gloves, Pu full-length gloves and polyester cloth gloves according to the range of palm Pu layer. Anti static polyester cloth gloves are anti-skid, anti oil, wear-resistant, long service life, environmental protection and comfortable, attached to the palm, easier to operate precision assembly engineering.

The most obvious advantage is that ESD Glove are not easy to deform, can be washed and reused, and save economic cost.

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