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Precautions for using ESD shoes

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ESD shoes are protective shoes that can eliminate the positive accumulation of human static electricity and prevent electric shock with current below 250V. They are produced according to GB4385-1995 standard. ESD shoes are mainly applicable to all places with electrostatic hazards, such as petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine, printing, rubber, medical treatment, purification, electronics and so on. This article will briefly introduce the precautions when using ESD shoes.


The following is a list of contents:

  • Precautions when wearing ESD shoes

  • Pay attention to the influence of damp environment on ESD shoes

  • Pay attention to the impact of the use occasion of ESD shoes on shoes


Precautions when wearing ESD shoes

In use, except for ordinary socks, there shall be no insulating material between the insole and the wearer's feet. If there are insoles in the shoe, between the sole and the foot, check the resistance value of all combined parts of the shoe. ESD shoes and conductive shoes should not wear insulated woolen thick socks and insulated insoles at the same time. Be sure to use the anti-static insoles configured in the shoes. ESD shoes are not allowed to be used as insulated shoes. If the conductive wire on the antistatic insole is worn due to long service life, it needs to be replaced in time. Wear anti-static work shoes must be standardized, and the heel should not be exposed, otherwise the effect of ESD shoes will be reduced.


Pay attention to the influence of damp environment on ESD shoes

The resistance of ESD shoes will change significantly due to flexion, pollution or moisture. If worn under wet conditions, ESD shoes will not achieve their intended functions. Therefore, it must be ensured that the design function of dissipating static charge of ESD shoes can be realized within the whole service life, and the protection of ESD shoes must be provided at the same time. Therefore, before using ESD shoes, users can make an internal resistance test in advance and refer to it regularly. ESD shoes should be used together with anti-static clothes. Attention should be paid to cleaning, waterproof and moisture-proof during use. ESD shoes should be cleaned regularly and tested for function. If they fail to pass the test, they should be scrapped immediately.


Pay attention to the impact of the use occasion of ESD shoes on shoes

The place where ESD shoes are used should be the anti-static ground, and the place where conductive shoes are used should be the conductive ground, so as to achieve a good anti-static or conductive effect. If ESD shoes are to be worn in contaminated places, the wearer should always check the resistance value of the shoes before entering the operation area every time to avoid the soles being polluted or stained with insulating substances.

The ESD shoes can dissipate the static charge to minimize the accumulation of static electricity, so as to avoid the ignition hazard and damage to electronic devices caused by the accumulation and discharge of human static electricity. Therefore, the specified safety resistance value of the anti-static safety shoes must be guaranteed within the whole service life. In the process of wearing, generally, the resistance test shall not exceed 200 working hours (hours) or a month. If the resistance is not within the specified range, it cannot be used as ESD shoes and should be discarded. The resistance of ESD shoes shall be between 100k ohm and 1000m ohm.


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