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Precautions for using ESD strap

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Anti static wrist band is an anti-static product. At the beginning, it is mainly used for electrostatic protection in industrial production. It is used together with anti-static clothes, anti-static gloves and anti-static shoes. With the development of time, anti-static bracelets are also used in daily life. A number of various anti-static wrist bands have emerged in the market. This article will introduce the precautions when using ESD strap.


The following is a list of contents:

  • Instructions for use of ESD strap

  • Service life of ESD strap


Instructions for use of ESD strap

1. Connect the double circuit PU belt with one end of the automatic detection and alarm device, and pull the pull switch to the "on" position for use;

2. When in use, the alligator clips at both ends are connected to the grounding system to form a conductive loop system;

3. Under normal and good working conditions, the red indicator light and green indicator light are not on and do not send out alarm tone. When the human body has poor contact with the tester, the red light is on and sends out alarm tone; When the angle between the human body and the earth is poor, the green light is on and an alarm tone is given; When there is poor conductive contact between the human body, wrist strap and the earth, the red light and green light will sound an alarm at the same time.

matters needing attention

1. When the battery is insufficient, the lithium battery can be replaced, and the normal service time of the battery is half a year;

2. When the surface of the human body is dry, the red light will be on. At this time, the surface of the matching part of the human body should be humidified to keep the electrostatic resistance of the operators normal.

When the detector is not connected with the human body or grounded properly, the automatic alarm will sound. This function replaces the function of the traditional wrist band and measuring instrument, and strengthens the resolution, so as to detect the unhealthy occurrence of products at any time, and make scientific and technological progress to improve production efficiency. Intelligent (automatic alarm) ESD strap is compiled with high technology. It is a complex of wrist strap and electrostatic detector. It is a new step of electrostatic revolution. It is a new organism for further development to improve production efficiency and quality assurance. The products comply with environmental protection certification and electrostatic certification.


Service life of ESD strap

First of all, the life of ESD strap is closely related to quality. Non human normal working wear is the root of product damage. During work, the continuous bending of the wrist strap lead will eventually disconnect the metal fiber in the lead, resulting in the failure of the wrist strap anti-static function. At present, a small number of wrist straps have undergone strict bending test of hanging weights, and the product process, quality and process are strictly monitored to ensure that the products can meet the specified bending times, and the service life is 1-2 years. Some high-quality products have almost no damage caused by normal wear and tear, providing customers with lifelong quality assurance. The current situation of most products is low quality and low price. The standards are only aimed at the performance of products, and there is no standard for quality. As long as the product can reach the resistance of 1m Ω, it is qualified, and no standard and guarantee can be provided for the service life.


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