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Test method for ESD shoes

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ESD shoes are a kind of work shoes worn in the production workshops and advanced laboratories of microelectronic industry such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits to reduce or eliminate the harm of static electricity. ESD shoes are suitable for pharmaceutical factories, food factories, electronic factories, clean workshops, laboratories and other places, and are becoming more and more important in production activities. So how should we judge the quality of ESD shoes? This paper will briefly introduce the test method of ESD shoes.


The following is a list of contents:

  • Preparation of instruments

  • Preparation of test samples

  • Test conditions for ESD shoes

  • Test steps for ESD shoes


Preparation of instruments

1. The power supply of the test instrument can output DC voltage of 100V ± 2V. The measurement results can be accurate to within 5%, and the energy consumed on the test sample can not be greater than 3W. The accuracy of voltmeter and ammeter of the instrument is grade 2.5, and the measuring range can meet the measurement requirements.

2. The inner electrode is composed of steel balls with a total weight of 4kg and a diameter of 5mm. And anti-oxidation treatment must be carried out before use.

3. The external electrode is copper plate. Anti oxidation treatment must be carried out before use and cleaned with ethanol.


Preparation of test samples

1. Sample preparation

Clean the measured sole surface with ethanol. Wash the sole with distilled water and dry it according to the specified conditions. It is strictly prohibited to use organic substances that will corrode, swell and deform the sole for cleaning. The surface of the sole shall not be worn. A conductive layer with an area of 180 * 40MM shall be placed on the cleaned sole and dried under the specified environmental conditions.

2. Measurement of resistance value of conductive coating.

The device for measuring the resistance value of conductive coating is composed of three conductive metal columns with a top radius of 3mm ± 2mm. The distance between two columns is 35mm ± 0.2mm, and they are connected with metal wires. The third column is 160mm ± 5mm from the midpoint of the connection between the other two columns and is insulated from the other two columns. Put the shoes coated with conductive layer on the specified metal column. The forefoot part of the shoe shall be 35mm away from two columns, and the heel part shall be placed on the third column. All three columns must be in contact with the conductive coating. Then measure the resistance between the first two columns and the third column with the specified test instrument, and the resistance value must be less than 1K Ω.


Test conditions for ESD shoes

1. Environmental requirements: the temperature is 20 ℃± 2 ℃ and the relative humidity is 30% ± 3%.

2. Place the test sample under the specified environmental conditions for more than 24 hours.

3. If the test cannot be carried out in the specified environment, the test must be completed within 5min after the test sample is removed from the environment.


Test steps for ESD shoes

Fill the test shoes with steel balls as required (if the upper height is not enough to fit all conductive steel balls, the upper height can be increased with insulating materials). Place the test sample of the installed steel ball on the specified outer electrode, and connect the specified DC power supply between the inner and outer electrodes for 1 minute. Record or calculate the voltage value and current value after reaching the specified time.


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