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The Function And Principle of ESD Wrist Strap

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The anti-static wrist strap is made of soft and elastic material mixed with conductive yarn. Its electrical conductivity is good, the length can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the spring grounding wire can withstand more than 30,000 environmental tests without breaking.

Using the bracelet to enable workers to operate points. This simple trick is a minimally consuming method of controlling static electricity, and it can produce direct results. The bracelet can dissipate the static electricity of the human body before the static electricity damages the electronic products. Therefore, the electronic industry generally uses anti-static wristbands to fully protect electrostatic sensitive devices and printed circuit boards.

The bracelet is made of thermoplastic material, which is light, thin and soft. It is safe to contact with human skin and easy to use. The "pull button" type locking structure can be adjusted at will, suitable for wrists of various sizes. The conductive inner insert layer uses 3M's unique "comfort cushion" design to ensure air circulation between the bracelet and the skin, so that the wearer feels more comfortable.

  • With different colors, such as blue, green, purple, maroon, fluorescent green. It is convenient for managers to see whether the bracelet is used properly, and it can also match the company's color tone to improve the company's image and coordination. The company can also identify the group of workers based on the color of the bracelet.

  • A bunch of metal wires in the grounding wire are interwoven with high-strength synthetic fibers to increase the tension. Each end of the grounding wire is equipped with a 3M-designed tension elimination system. The system can reduce the tension on the end point, which is beneficial to reduce the number of replacement ground wires. 3M's unique button design ensures that the grounding wire is in close contact with the wrist strap, allowing the wearer to move freely, and the built-in one-megaohm resistor also limits the amount of current flowing through the grounding wire.

The anti-static bracelet is a small device that releases the static electricity stored in the human body to protect the human body. It is divided into a wired wrist strap and a wireless wrist strap.

The roped wrist strap is the most basic of anti-static equipment, and it is also a must-have item in the most commonly used production line. It is not only very convenient in erection and operation, but also the most affordable in terms of price. The principle is to introduce static electricity into the earth through an anti-static grounding wire through a 1 megohm resistor in the plastic box on the wrist strap and a wire. The purpose is to avoid the impact of instantaneous high current on the components and avoid damage to the components. Therefore, the wrist strap must be in contact with the skin when in use, and the grounding wire must be directly grounded, and ensure that the grounding wire is unobstructed in order to exert its maximum effect.

The working principle of the cordless wristband: According to the corona discharge effect and the principle of tip discharge, when the accumulated charge exceeds a certain value, it is discharged into the space due to the potential difference. When the ion neutralization is not completed, the screw can be used to reach the ionization with the outside air water molecules. And, the static electricity can be effectively eliminated, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of static discharge (static voltage balance).

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