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To prevent hidden dangers, front-line police officers must wear anti cut gloves

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When fighting crime, front-line police officers face not only knives and guns, but also many hidden crises that are not easy to detect. In the process of law enforcement and search, the sharp tools and needles hidden in the suspect's pocket or various sharp fragments in the garbage can expose law enforcement officers to the risk of cutting and blood cross infection.


So how to avoid these injuries? It's simple. Wear anti cut gloves! It is a series of products that can not only prevent cutting, but also maintain the operation ability of hands to protect the safety of law enforcement personnel.


The following is the content introduction:

  • Material and principle of anti cut gloves

  • Grade of anti cut gloves


Material and principle of anti cut gloves


Anti cut gloves are made of cut tex fiber material ® Made of pro, this material innovatively combines ultra-high molecular weight synthetic resin fiber (UHMWPE) and other ultra-high molecular materials, and is processed by special high-density textile machinery. Its cutting resistance is five times that of Kevlar material in the United States.


Anti cut gloves have excellent anti cutting performance when facing sharp weapons such as knives, glass and iron sheets; At the same time, it has the properties of anti bite and tear resistance, which can eliminate the risk of disease infection and cross infection caused by bite. At the same time, the palm part treated with anti-skid grip can be fixed when facing sharp weapons to prevent the risk of secondary injury caused by hand release.


Anti cut gloves is dirt resistant, easy to dry and not afraid of the sun. No matter what occasion you wear, you can't see anything different. It is especially suitable for professionals facing potential dangers, such as personnel of public security, procuratorial, judicial and law enforcement organs, prison guards and bodyguards who need to defend against sharp weapon injuries and hide dangers.


Grade of anti cut gloves

Level 1:

It is mainly used for very low cutting risk. Such gloves can prevent the hand from being slightly scratched by objects such as paper, but there is no guarantee that it will not be injured by real blades. They are usually used in jobs that do not involve sharp objects, such as car maintenance or landscaping.

Level 2:

It is mainly used for low cutting risk. This is a good degree of protection for most construction work, automobile assembly or packaging work.

Level 3:

It is mainly used for medium cutting risk. It can provide protection for light glass processing and metal stamping operations.

Level 4:

It is mainly used for high cutting risk. This includes most of the glass processing and metal stamping work, as well as the food industry.

Level 5:

It is mainly used for extreme cutting risk. These gloves are used in jobs involving very sharp blades, such as meat butchers, heavy metal stamping and flat glass.


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