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ESD fabric

These are related to the ESD fabric news, in which you can learn about the updated information in ESD fabric, to help you better understand and expand ESD fabric market. Because the market for ESD fabric is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • [ESD Cleanroom Conductive Fabric] The introduction of ESD fabric

    With the continuous progress of production technology, ESD clothes is more and more widely used in production activities. As the relevant construction material for making ESD clothes, the demand for ESD fabric is also increasing. The following is a brief introduction to ESD fabric. The following is

  • [ESD Cleanroom Conductive Fabric] Test standard for performance of ESD fabric

    Organic conductive fiber has played an effective role in eliminating static electricity of anti-static work clothes and ordinary civil textiles, but compared with conventional textiles, the electrostatic performance test of textiles containing conductive fiber has significantly deteriorated in corre

  • [ESD Cleanroom Conductive Fabric] Test method for static electricity of ESD fabric

    The national standards and two test methods for electrostatic testing of ESD fabric in China are introduced above. This paper will continue to introduce the remaining four test methods. The following is a list of contentsC method (charge area density method)D method (clothing charge method when undr

  • [ESD Cleanroom Conductive Fabric] Classification of ESD fabric

    ESD clothes are clothes made of ESD fabric according to the specified style and structural plane in order to prevent the accumulation of static electricity on clothes. ESD clothes generally refer to clothes made of ESD fabric. What are the fabrics suitable for making ESD clothes? The following is a

LEENOL is an "ESD TOTAL SOLUTION" company to fulfill ESD requirements for factories and labs. LEENOL's product range covers LeeRackTM Handling Storage ESD Equipments, LeePakTM Packing Material, LeeBenchTM Factory and Lab Furniture.

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