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Brief introduction of dust remove sticky mat

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Our main motivation for making this dust pad comes from the concept of environmental protection, because waste film will be produced every day compared with disposable adhesive dust pad. Of course, a dust remove sticky mat can be used for several years to avoid tons of waste. In addition, in the production process, we have added anti-static function according to the needs of the electronic industry, which is not available for most disposable adhesive dust pads.


The following is a list of contents:

  • Material of dust remove sticky mat

  • How much dust remove sticky mat is needed and its price



Material of dust remove sticky mat

For microelectronics and electronic assembly plants, the danger of electrostatic damage is everywhere. There is a risk of static electricity when the trolley passes by and comes into contact with the adhesive dust pad. The 9th power ohm of the surface resistance 10 of the dust remove sticky mat is an electrostatic dissipative material to avoid the possibility of instantaneous friction high voltage. If the dust remove sticky mat is laid on the anti-static floor, it will be more reassuring.

In addition, we will also use anti-static materials to make the frame, so as to ensure that the wheels are always in contact with anti-static materials and are not easy to generate static electricity. Even if we encounter it occasionally, it will be released immediately. There is no need to worry that the components on the vehicle will be damaged by static electricity.

In addition to the anti-static function, the dust remove sticky mat also has antibacterial and anti mildew functions.


What size of dust remove sticky mat is required

Since the main function of the dust remove sticky mat is to absorb dust, we found that 99% of the dust on the surface can be removed after the sole contacts the dust remove sticky mat for three times and rolls the tricycle wheel. Take three steps, about 2.5 meters, so the recommended length is 3 meters. I think this is an ideal length. The standard width of the product is 1.2m, which is wider than this width. We can splice without affecting the appearance and use effect. The larger the mat, the stronger the ability to remove dirt and scale, and the frequency of cleaning the mat can also be reduced. Usually, I would suggest that customers pave the whole passageway, corridor and dressing room, or pave a matching mat at the door of the workshop to keep other indoor floors clean and beautiful.


Price of dust remove sticky mat

As for the price of dust remove sticky mat, is it increased or decreased compared with disposable dust remove sticky mat? I am often asked this question, which is a little difficult to answer. Compared with the size of 1:1, the dust remove sticky mat T will be cheaper because we can use it for three years. For example, the size of disposable dust pad is 70cm / 114cm. If the price of the same size dust remove sticky mat is 1200 yuan, it will be about 1 yuan per day for three years. But it should not be calculated like this. I remember my previous suggestion that we need a larger size. If the size is the same, the weakness of the dust remove sticky mat appears, that is, the decontamination capacity is reduced and more frequent cleaning is required.

I may see that the balance point is that customers can obtain a larger area of dust remove sticky mat without increasing expenditure, improve the dust removal efficiency from 27% to 99%, and it is more beautiful. It can also clean the wheels, with anti-static, sterilization and mildew prevention functions, more comfortable walking and eliminate fatigue. In relatively narrow occasions, I think disposable adhesive dust pad can play a better role.


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