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How to choose environmental sticky mat

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As a rubber product, the physical characteristics of sticky mat determine that the rubber smell is inevitable. So what key points can we master in the process of purchasing sticky mat to help you choose a relatively environmentally friendly sticky mat? This article will share some experience, hoping to give some help to customers troubled by pungent smell.


The following is a list of contents:

  • How to choose environmental sticky mat

  • What if the sticky mat is not installed after buying it?


How to choose environmental sticky mat

1. Look at the sample: if the black conductive layer on the bottom of the sample is smooth, it indicates that the proportion of natural rubber in its raw materials is relatively high. On the contrary, if the surface is rough and grainy, it indicates that the content of recycled rubber is relatively high.

2. Touch sample: natural rubber feels soft and elastic enough, recycled rubber material is hard and brittle, and it is easy to break when bent.

3. Smell sample: the nose is close to the bottom layer to smell the smell. Natural rubber has a light rubber smell. Some manufacturers will add some aromatics to smell a light smell. If it is recycled rubber or waste rubber products, the smell is pungent, and some will have symptoms such as dizziness or dry eyes after smelling for a long time.

4. Look at the report: the manufacturer shall provide an effective third-party test report, such as rohs2 0 (i.e. the ten ROHS standards), the hazardous substance o-benzene also needs to be controlled not to exceed the standard.


What if the sticky mat is not installed after buying it?

The harm of electrostatic discharge in electronic workshop has always been one of the key safety protection contents. Among them, table anti-static is an essential control measure. The worktable is paved with anti-static mat materials and effectively grounded, which can quickly and effectively avoid the harm of static accumulation and release. LEENOL’s sticky mat with a thickness of 2mm is widely used in electronic workshop, laboratory, testing room and other occasions. After laying and grounding, it can safely and effectively avoid and eliminate the harm of electrostatic discharge on the table.

So, how to construct and lay the sticky mat when the customer orders it? LEENOL, as an old brand in the anti-static industry, can not only provide sticky mat materials, but also professional licensed technicians will provide effective installation technical guidance. Although some remote cities may not be able to go to the customer's site, it can also quickly help customers solve the problem of sticky mat installation through telephone video and professional text and picture instructions, Ensure the effective use of products.


LEENOL produces a variety of Sticky Mat. You can learn more about our Sticky Mat on our product page. We provide high-quality after-sales service to ensure that you can consult the use method or put forward suggestions on our products after purchasing the products. If you are interested in sticky mat, ESD clothes or ESD shoes, please contact

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