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LN-160B1409DLE Factory Direct 100% Polyester Fiber Cleanroom Wiper for Laboratory Use 9‘’*9‘’

  • LN-160B1409DLE


packing /bag:
Product Description
1, They are comprised of 100% polyester continuous filament polyester in a straight-knit pattern with laser sealed edge
2, Highly absorbent with extremely low levels of particulate and extractable counts.
3, Laundered and packaged in a cleanroom
4, Tested and manufactured in ISO compliant facilities
1. 18MΩ pure water laundered, clean room class10, 000-10 packing.
2. Soft and no harmful to wiped surface.
3. High efficient absorbency
4. Ultro-low particle and dust generation.
Remark: Can be medical used after sterilization or be added with alcohol, IPA solutions and so on.
1) It is designed for critical processing applications where the high level of contamination control is required.
2) It is widely used for cleaning in industry of Clean room, Semi-conductor, TFT, LCD, micro-electronics, integrated circuit,precision instrument, PCB, SMT, medical, lab and aviation etc

cleanroom wipe 1

Cleanroom cloth wipe





Physical display

cleanroom wipe 7  cleanroom wipe 6  cleanroom wipe 5

Dust-free cloth properties:

1. The product is made of 100% continuous polyester fiber double-woven fabric with a soft surface and can be used to wipe sensitive surfaces. It has low dust production and does not remove fibers when rubbed. It has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency.

2. The four sides of the product are sealed with laser or ultrasonic, which has low dust generation and low ion release.

3. After the product is cleaned with 18MΩEDI ultra-pure water, it is packaged in the most advanced class 100 clean room in China;

4. The product adopts double-layer vacuum packaging, which will not pollute the use environment.

Clean cloth features:

1. Laser or ultrasonic edge sealing is adopted, no particles and thread ends will be left after wiping, and the decontamination ability is strong;

2. Excellent anti-static function;

3. Has high-efficiency liquid absorption characteristics;

4. The soft fabric will not damage the surface of the object;

5. Provide sufficient dry and wet strength;

6. Low ion release;

7. Not easy to cause chemical reaction;

Precautions for using dust-free cloth:

1. When using and unpacking, you need to wear dust-free clothes, dust-free gloves and masks;

2. When wiping and using, wrap the four sides of the dust-free cloth inside, and do not use the edge of the dust-free cloth to contact the surface area of the wiped object;

3. The dust-free cloth can be dipped in solvent to wipe, or can be wiped directly;

4. When using high-end dust-free cloth, the inner packaging bag must be unpacked in a clean environment, and the packaging bag must be cleaned before unpacking, especially the opening must be kept clean;

5. When used in operation, the dust-free cloth must be kept flat and cannot be rubbed. When moving and wiping, try to make full contact with the fibers of the cloth and the wiping surface, and ensure that it is wiped in the same direction, and cannot be reciprocated repeated wipes;

6. High-end dust-free cloths can generally be cleaned and used repeatedly. Users can clean it by themselves, or contact us to clean it for us.

cleanroom wiper factory


Adhering to a scientific and reasonable production layout,The total area of our three factory workshops is 16,000 square meters.It is currently a large-scale dust-free company in the entire industry chain Wipers manufacturer. There are about 300 employees in the three fact ories. Among them, 5 texturing threads. 50 knitting machines and 20 shuttle looms. It has its own dyeing and finishing line. 15 laser machi nes. 6 hot cutting machines. 6 ultrasonic cuttng machines. A set of 10 tons of pure water system, a standard 100-level workshop. 

Production capacity: DTY polyester silk yarn 300 tons/month, raw wiper material 350-400 t ons/month, dust-free wiping wiper 300,000 packs/month. Reel wiper 200,000 rolls/month.

1.Chemical fiber yarn texturing

1.Chemical fiber yarn texturing

2.Knitted cloth

2.Knitted fabric

3.Woven workshop

3.Woven workshop


4.Loose fabric

5.Washing, dyeing and finishing

5.Washing, dyeing and finishing

6.High-temperature shaping

6.High-temperature shaping

7.Fabric inspection and roll

7.Inspection cloth roll

8.Finished fabric raw material

8.Finished fabric raw material

9.laser cutting

9.laser cutting

10.Ultrasonic cross sectioning

10.Ultrasonic cross sectioning

11.EDI pure water system

11.EDI pure water system





14.Standard 100-level workshop

14.Standard 100-level workshop

15.Vacuum packaging

15.Vacuum packaging

16.Packed and shipped

16.Packed and shipped

● Q1: Are you a manufacturer?  

①.Ans:Yes, we have been in manufacturing and providing excellent Cleanroom and ESD solutions for customers more than 10years.  

②.Our own production plants and a wide network of suppliers who are strictly selected, are totally qualified for ISO Quality Management System.

● Q2: How long could you prepare samples?

Ans:Normally 1days if we have the sample onhand. If customized one, about a week around.

● Q3: How about batch order production?

Ans: Normally 3-7days or so

● Q4: Do you inspect the finished products?

Ans:Yes, we will do inspection according to ISO standard and ruled by our QC staff.

Q5: How do you ship the goods?

Ans: By sea, by air, by truck or by courier (UPS, DHL, Fedex, TNT etc.)

● Q6: What advantage do you have?


.We have professional engineers, customers can expect the best possible advice and support.

.Related responsible team to answer all your questions and follow-up process for you and do update in   time  

.Strict and standard process control according to Quality Management System.  

.Documents support on products, we have strong technical data sheet to support our products, which   could make you easier to know our products.

LEENOL is an "ESD TOTAL SOLUTION" company to fulfill ESD requirements for factories and labs. LEENOL's product range covers LeeRackTM Handling Storage ESD Equipments, LeePakTM Packing Material, LeeBenchTM Factory and Lab Furniture.


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