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Sticky mat features and usage scenarios

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Sticky mat is generally customized according to customer requirements, with a thickness of 2mm, a specific gravity of about 2.4kg/m2 and a load of 75kg / cm2, which can ensure the smooth passage of trolleys or hydraulic vehicles. It is suitable for logistics, warehousing and other fields. The service life is 3-5 years, non-toxic and tasteless, harmless to human body. The anti mildew and antibacterial function is suitable for medicine, food, life science and other fields, while the anti-static function can be widely used in microelectronics, SMT and other factories. In addition, we have added the anti UV function, which can maintain its characteristics even under the illumination of light for a long time. Use and storage temperature 0-50 ° C.


The following is the content:

  • When using sticky mat

  • Sticky mat parameters and features


When using sticky mat

When you find that sticky mat has obvious wheel marks and footprints, it proves that it is playing a cleaning role. You can easily bring it back to life by using mop and detergent. Or use kevos's new intelligent sweeping robot to automatically identify areas, self charge and clean rags, and even automatically dump dust.

We are responsible for the installation and added red and black frames around sticky mat, which is not only beautiful, but also convenient for vehicle access and cleaning, so as to better protect the dust removal pad.


Sticky mat parameters and features

The thickness of sticky mat is 2mm. It is characterized by its own weak viscosity. When it is dirty, it will restore its viscosity after wiping with detergent and mop, and can be put into use. In order to prevent the edge from being damaged during cleaning, we added a frame to protect it, facilitate the up and down of the cart and make it more beautiful.

The features of sticky mat also include: fully customized size, dust removal capacity of up to 99% (general sticky dust pad is about 27%), anti mildew and antibacterial, anti UV radiation, anti-static function, can be used for more than 3 years, non-toxic and tasteless, strong load-bearing capacity, suitable for trolleys and hydraulic vehicles, and comfortable walking.

We hope that this small product can make your enterprise avoid using a large number of plastic films, make the production environment cleaner and improve product quality. But this is only our first step, and we will continue to improve the degradability of sticky mat in the future. Make it more environmentally friendly.It is often reported by factories with clean workshops that the wheels of trolleys are difficult to clean. They can't be pushed on the disposable dust pad, and it's also inconvenient to use a rag. It is said that TSMC's method is to wrap the wheels with double-sided tape and wrap them every time.Sticky mat dust removal pad is the only way I see to solve this problem at present. The reason is that its thickness, elasticity and weak viscosity can effectively absorb dust particles on wheels without affecting rolling.Sticky mat also has the functions of anti mildew, anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti UV. The materials used meet the EU standards. The size is customized according to the use site, and the manufacturer is responsible for the installation. Cleaning is simple and easy. I will write an article about it.


The industries targeted by the products include: semiconductor, liquid crystal, electronic assembly, pharmaceutical, food, life sciences, hospitals, laboratories and other places with strict environmental requirements

LEENOL is an enterprise specializing in the design, R & D, production, sales and installation of anti-static system engineering. The company's anti-static clothing is produced in strict accordance with a number of national standards with high quality. If you are interested in sticky mat, ESD clothes or ESD shoes, please contact:


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