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Test standard for performance of ESD fabric

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Organic conductive fiber has played an effective role in eliminating static electricity of anti-static work clothes and ordinary civil textiles, but compared with conventional textiles, the electrostatic performance test of textiles containing conductive fiber has significantly deteriorated in correctness and attention. Selecting reasonable test methods and correctly evaluating the electrostatic properties of fabrics containing conductive fibers are the necessary basic work to deeply study the processing technology of organic conductive fibers, the production technology of textiles containing conductive fibers and guide the rational application of such textiles.


The following is a list of contents:

  • Current test methods and standards in China

  • Adaptability analysis of current test methods and standards in China


Current test methods and standards in China

Electrostatic test includes parameter test of dangerous electrostatic power supply, electrostatic performance test of materials and products, and electrostatic sensitivity test of inflammables and explosives. The main parameters characterizing the electrostatic properties of materials and products are resistivity, leakage resistance, charge area density and half-life, friction charging voltage and half-life, etc. The evaluation of electrostatic properties of textile materials includes resistance indicators (volume specific resistance, mass specific resistance, surface specific resistance, leakage resistance, inter electrode equivalent resistance, etc.), electrostatic voltage and its half-life, charge area density and other indicators, as well as low-precision indicators obtained by simple test methods such as ash absorption test, sail test, adsorption metal sheet test and so on.

The product standards related to the antistatic function of textiles in the current national and industrial standards of China's textile industry are: GB / T 12014-2009.

The test methods and standards related to the electrostatic properties of textiles are: GB 12703-1991; FZ/T 01042-1996; FZ/T 01044-1996; FZ/T 01059-1999; FZ/T 01060-1999; FZ/T 01061-1999;

The above current standards are very similar to ISO, AATCC, ASTM, BS, JIS, DN and other similar standards. GB / t12014-1989 is basically equivalent to JIS t 8118; GB / t12703-1991 refers to jisl 1094.


Adaptability analysis of current test methods and standards in China

GB / T 12703-1991 textile electrostatic test method provides six test methods, two of which will be introduced in this article:


Method A (half-life method)

Discharge the sample placed on the optional metal platform with + 10kV High Voltage for 30s, and measure the half-life (s) of the induced voltage. FZ / T 01042-1996 is exactly the same. This method can be used to evaluate the electrostatic aging characteristics of fabrics, but the contact state of the sample containing conductive fibers on the grounded metal platform can not be controlled. The charge with good contact between the conductive fibers and the platform leaks rapidly. When the contact is poor, the attenuation rate is similar to that of ordinary textiles. The test results of the same sample under different placement conditions are very different, Therefore, it is not suitable for the evaluation of fabrics containing conductive fibers.


Method B (friction charged voltage method)

The sample is clamped on the drum, the drum rubs with the standard cloth (nylon or polypropylene) at the speed of 400R / min, and test the maximum charged voltage (V) of the sample within 1 minute. FZ / T 01061-1999 is the same except that there are slight differences in abrasive specification and sub sample number. Because the sample size is too small, the distribution of conductive fibers will vary greatly with the sampling position for the fabric embedded with conductive fibers, so it is not suitable for the test and evaluation of antistatic properties of textiles containing conductive fibers.


The above is a partial introduction to the current national testing standards, and the rest will be stated in the next article. You can rest assured that all LEENOL’s products are produced in strict accordance with national standards. If you are interested in our ESD fabricESD clothes or ESD gloves, please contact:

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