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The introduction of ESD fabric

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With the continuous progress of production technology, ESD clothes is more and more widely used in production activities. As the relevant construction material for making ESD clothes, the demand for ESD fabric is also increasing. The following is a brief introduction to ESD fabric.


The following is a list of contents:

  •   What is ESD fabric?

  •   Characteristics of ESD clothes and its electricity elimination mechanism

  •   Knowledge of ESD fabric cleaning


What is ESD fabric?

ESD fabric is a kind of functional fabric, which can remove static electricity in advance. It can weave the anti-static fabric evenly mixed with conductive fibers. Conductive fiber refers to the general name of fibers made of metal or organic materials or sub conductive materials in whole or in part, with a volume resistivity of 104-109 ohms.

The protective clothing made of ESD fabric is mostly made of special polyester filament or elastic filament, longitudinally or weft embedded conductive fiber, and woven by special technology. The fabric has better dust-proof performance than the protective clothing made of traditional anti-static agent, the electrostatic removal effect is enhanced several times, and the conductive wire will not break. Because of its good dust-proof performance, the cleaning times are greatly reduced. It is the preferred fabric for anti-static protective clothing.


Characteristics of ESD clothes and its electricity elimination mechanism

The ESD clothes made of conductive fiber added into the chemical fiber fabric do not produce dust and chips, and are not easy to carry micro dust. Its unique design can effectively prevent dust intrusion. Its power dissipation mechanism mainly includes two mechanisms: grounded and ungrounded. When grounding, the static electricity on the fabric can be discharged to the ground through the conductive fiber in addition to being neutralized by the corona discharge of the conductive fiber; When not grounded, it is eliminated with the help of weak corona discharge of conductive fiber. The test shows that the ESD clothes can effectively suppress the static electricity on the work clothes and eliminate or reduce the harm of electrostatic discharge. In contrast, the metal coating of conductive cloth also has anti-static effect because of its high conductivity. Because the coating is a high-purity metal layer, it has a very powerful anti-static function.


Knowledge of ESD fabric cleaning

Since the ESD fabric itself does not produce dust, and its unique design can effectively prevent dust intrusion, the ESD fabric needs to be cleaned at a high frequency. Generally, it can be cleaned once a week. When cleaning the ESD fabrices made of ESD fabric without dust, the clothes with zipper shall be zipped to reduce winding and avoid abnormal damage to the zipper. At the same time, the fabric shall be avoided from being scratched by sharp metal edges, resulting in damage to work clothes. When cleaning, it is necessary to stick it firmly with the special protective belt of the buckle belt to avoid the winding of the work clothes or mechanical damage to the thorn surface. Try not to use the brush to brush the clothes, so as not to damage the fabric. In order to reduce the dust generating property of the fabric and improve the dust shielding property of the fabric, the company adopts chain needle sewing. In the process of use and cleaning, it can prevent sharp tools from hooking and breaking the suture, resulting in needle falling off and affecting the use.


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